In 1860, more than 150 years ago, the first holographic elements were shown on stage, thanks to Pepper.

Pepper’s Ghost is an illusionary trick from the 19th century. Due to the reflective properties of glass and later specially designed plastic panels as well as polyester foils (depending on the application desired), objects are digitally projected into the air from a position unseen to the viewer, either below or next to the display surface, and thus appear in the viewer’s field of vision.

The concept of holography from the year 1860 is quite simple: it creates the impression of optical illusion that objects appear and disappear by means of a glass screen, special lighting, and using the reflective properties of the glass.

Of course, the equipment at the time was primitive because of the poor light sources, such as oil lamps and candles, and the pictures that existed were only barely visible or very translucent. For that reason, mainly ghosts, phantoms, or other unexplained manifestations were shown, which also led to the naming of Pepper’s Ghost – after the inventor John Henry Pepper and his ghostly technology.



Today, high-performance projectors reproduce the 3D animated holograms via mirrors or by directly projecting those onto the glass panes – high-quality screens are also used. Modern 3D holograms are only feasible because of the immense progress made in projection technologies and the high-performance computers capable of generating the 3D animations.

The Pepper’s Ghost effect is in today’s 3D hologram pyramids for trade shows and retails, and in stage holograms for stage shows and/or for conferences.

Why choose a Hologram technology?


- Ideal to highlight presentations, attracts a high degree of attention

- Particularly suitable for products, processes, and procedures that need a lot of explanation (can easily be transformed into 3D storytelling content)

- Easily understandable, striking, and highly innovative method of presentation

- Best suitable for retail, trade shows, and events

- Provides an element of surprise and has high recall value for the customer


hologram box4


hologram mobile prism


Hologram Fan3